White Washing a Stone Fireplace

Dated: June 4 2020

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We were trying to figure out how to update this stone fireplace which was feeling a little outdated with our recent renovations of the rest of the main floor of the Davidson Farm House. We had stopped at Progress Photo #1 thinking that we kind of liked some of the contrasting colors and character of the partial washed stone, but we recently finished painting the main floor a classic Agreeable Gray from Sherwin Williams from a light blue color and realized the fireplace partial white wash just wasn't working.

Partial Washed Stone Fireplace

We decided this weekend to just go for a complete white washed stone look and so far we are quite happy with how it is turning out. We had already invested hours on the initial wash so that saved us some time. We started with a bright white semi-gloss paint with a partial water mixture as recommended by a bunch of DIY sources, but we found we just couldn't get that uniform white look so we ended up applying the paint undiluted with some sturdy paint brushes.

The stones still had some larger holes we filled with some caulk and painted over it. Here is the final product...what do you think?

Complete white wash stone fireplace
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