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Wayfinder Homes is a real estate investing firm based in Davidson, NC and operates in the Charlotte and surrounding areas. The company specializes in acquiring properties that require light to heavy renovation and rehabilitation. After fixing up these properties they are either sold or added to the Wayfinder Homes rental portfolio.


Wayfinder Homes LLC buys properties for below market value that require light to heavy renovation. We are always looking for more properties to acquire. Reach out to Tehane if you have a property you need to sell fast.


We customize a design plan to play up each properties' strengths in order to increase the property value as much as possible while maintaining a reasonable construction budget. Renovations are performed by our licensed general contractors. You can check out our portfolio for examples of our work.


After renovations are complete we will either sell the property for fair market value or we will add the property to our short-term or long-term rental portfolio. Are you looking to purchase one of our homes or any homes in the Charlotte and surrounding areas? Reach out for assistance.


Tehane is the co-owner and managing partner of Wayfinder Homes LLC with her husband, Jason Gallimore.The two met in 2007 and married in 2010. The couple found an interest in real estate during their multiple years of the Air Force moving them from place to place. Living in multiple residences required renting or purchasing homes each place they went, leading to a passion for the industry. Jason and Tehane now reside in Davidson, NC with their daughter Sarah. They started Wayfinder Homes LLC in 2018 to begin purchasing, renovating, and reselling homes in the North Carolina area.

Tehane is the exclusive brokering agent that handles all of the Wayfinder Homes transactions. If you are looking for an investor-friendly real estate agent that in knowledgable of creative financing methods, deal analysis, construction and design process, as well as the various investment markets in or near the Charlotte area. You can reach out to Tehane.

Tehane is an investor herself and would love to help other investors with their real estate needs. Are you a new investor or just looking to get started? Reach out to Tehane for a free consultation call for tips on how to get started.


Wayfinder Homes LLC

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